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Valuing the subjective experience of individuals.

Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, (Reg - 233809).

Registered with the British Psychological Society as a Senior Practitioner Specialising in Psychotherapy, Counselling Psychologist and an Applied Psychology Practice Supervisor.

Registered with the Health & Care Professionals Council as a Practitioner Psychologist, (Reg - PYL22555).

Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy - accredited Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor.

British Psychoanalytic Council - accredited Mentalization Based Treatment Practitioner.

Carl Taylor

Psychologist Specialising in Psychotherapy

I am a Senior Practitioner on the British Psychological Society (BPS) register of psychologists specialising in psychotherapy. I have over 18 years clinical experience providing psychology and psychotherapy to adults, including 14 years within the NHS.

I started my career as a clinician in 2002, initially working in university and charitable trusts psychotherapy services. In 2006 I went on to pursue my specialist interest in working with personality disorders within NHS secondary care services.


07494 503557


Clinical Expertise

During my time within the NHS I have held a senior position in which I have pursued my specialist interest working with personality disorders predominately Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD), (also referred to as Borderline Personality Disorder), for which I have attained specialist post-qualification training.

I was the lead clinician for both the Cognitive Analytic Therapy service and the Mentalization-Based Therapy service.  I am currently working towards accreditation in Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP).

I have clinical expertise and experience of delivering specialist, evidence-based treatments, and have actively developed my interest working with people who have had long term problems understanding feelings, managing emotional responses and negotiating interpersonal relationships.

I am an accredited clinical supervisor with the British Psychological Society and Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy.  Over the course of my professional career I have supervised and managed both qualified and trainee clinical and counselling psychologists.


Having graduated in 1998 from Royal Holloway College (University of London) with BSc (Hons) in Psychology, I went on to complete a Masters in Counselling Psychology at Regents College and then a Post Masters Diploma in Existential Counselling Psychology.

Continuing with my professional development, I attained a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) in 2012 and went on to attain accreditation as a CAT clinical supervisor in 2014. Further developing my interest in working with complex cases I pursued clinical training in Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT) and attained accreditation as an MBT Practitioner with the British Psychoanalytic Council in 2015. 

PgDip Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Sheffield Hallam University

Post-MA Diploma, Existential Counselling Psychology, City University London – Regent’s College School of Psychotherapy and Counselling

MA, Counselling Psychology, City University London – Regent’s College School of Psychotherapy and Counselling

BSc (Hons), Psychology, University of London - Royal Holloway College

Specialist Training

  • Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT)

    Practitioner Training with Dr Peter Fonagy & Dr Anthony Bateman – Anna Freud Centre (2 days), 2015

    Family Mentalization Workshops (MBT-f) 3 days Anna Freud Centre 2014

    Basic Training with Dr Peter Fonagy & Dr Anthony - Anna Freud Centre, (3 days),  2010

    MBT, Maudsley Psychotherapy Service workshop, 1-day, 2010
  • Personality Disorder Workshops

    International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE), diagnostic assessment training (2 days), 2014

    Borderline Personality Workshop, Maudsley Psychotherapy Service, (2 years), 2012 to 2014

    London Personality Disorder Knowledge and Understanding Framework (Emergence UK, 3 days 2010)
  • Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (TFP)

    1-day workshop for narcissistic personality with Dr Diana Diamond Friday, June 2019

    1-day workshop, March 2019

    6-Day Training Programme, (March / June 2017)

    1-day workshop, December 2016

    2-day conference, with Dr Otto Kernberg, May 2016
  • Clinical Supervision

    Relational Skills in CAT Supervision, Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (ACAT), 3 days 2014

    Clinical Supervisor Workshop (Part 2 of BPS accredited supervisor training) 1-day, March 2013, Department of Applied Psychology Canterbury Christ Church - Salomons

    Clinical Supervisor Workshop (Part 1 of BPS accredited supervisor training) 2-days, February 2011 Department of Applied Psychology Canterbury Christ Church - Salomons

Therapeutic Approach

Psychological formulation, treatment planning, and clinical interventions

As a Psychologist, I am able to utilise both my training and clinical experience to offer clients a diverse range of psychological interventions, drawing on a range of theoretical orientations and evidence-based practices. I place an emphasis on developing a psychological formulation which informs treatment planning and clinical interventions. My approach takes into account how past experiences, attachment relationships and traumatic events may have had impact in the here and now.

I place an emphasis on how unhelpful patterns of relating to self and others develop and are maintained. Working in collaboration with clients I help them make sense of their here and now problems whilst taking into account their individual experiences and relationship to the world in which they live. I place an emphasis on the subjective experience of the individuals, and work within a framework of joint, clarification and understanding to explore the complexities of the human mind and experience.

Therapy sessions

Before arranging an initial consultation session with me I would suggest that you review my website details and contact me to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation pre-meeting telephone / Zoom consultation. I am happy to have a brief (15 minutes) conversation with you prior to arranging an initial meeting, to determine whether the therapy I offer is appropriate for your needs. In the event I am not able to offer you therapy, I have an excellent network of experienced psychologists and psychotherapists, who offer a range of treatments, (CBT, DBT, EMDR, Schema Therapy, Psychoanalytic), who I can refer you to.

During the first consultation session we will have the opportunity to think together about what brings you to therapy, and how your difficulties are having an impact on your life. Drawing on my clinical expertise and experience I will be able to advise what therapy I am able to offer you, which would best meet your individual needs.  It will also be an opportunity for you to make a decision about whether you feel I am the right therapist for you.  Following the initial consultation, we can arrange an appropriate treatment plan and agree with an initial contract for therapy.

Services offered

Evidenced based psychological therapy and clinical supervision

  • Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)

    CAT is a collaborative therapy for looking at the way a person thinks, feels and acts, and the events and relationships that underlie these experiences (from childhood or earlier in life).

    The therapeutic practice of CAT places an emphasis on therapist and client collaboration, working with therapeutic practice employing both the use of written material in the form of narrative letters and diagrammatic descriptions of patterns and processes. The aim of therapy it to help clients recognise and revise maladaptive coping strategies.

    Duration of therapy is once weekly for 16 or 24 sessions. 

  • Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT)

    MBT is a psychotherapy used to treat people who have had long term problems in experiencing overwhelming and intense emotional distress which has led them to engage in impulsive and often self-destructive behaviour. MBT focuses on developing a person’s ability to recognise what is going on in their own mind and what might be going on in other people’s minds. It can play an important role in emotional regulation and developing fulfilling, meaningful relationships. Mentalizing is a normal everyday skill we all use. This skill is either less well developed or easily lost for those who meet criteria for a diagnosis of emotionally unstable / borderline personality disorder.

    MBT aims to enhance the service user’s capacity to mentalize. By enhancing mentalizing capacity, MBT can help people understand their emotional responses to situations and fluctuating inexplicable mood changes. It can also help those who struggle in reading other people’s response to them by specifically focusing on understanding other’s feelings and reactions as well as their own.

    I am able to draw in my clinical experience (over 8 years) of providing MBT, both in groups and individual therapy within the NHS.  I offer an adapted version of MBT which is individual therapy. The practice of MBT in individual therapy can help clients develop a greater understanding of their emotional world, their states of mind and minds of others, it help increase a capacity for self reflection and improved ability to manage and tolerate feelings.

    Duration of therapy is once weekly for 18 months. 
  • Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP)

    Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP), is a psychodynamic psychotherapy designed to treat people with personality disorders. TFP is based on the idea that symptoms/problems in relationships arise from internal beliefs based on childhood experiences. These internal beliefs come alive in therapy and can be thought about and worked on with the therapist. The aim is to develop more stable, realistic and better-integrated experiences of self and other, leading to improved interpersonal functioning and adaptation to life. As people can act self-destructively when distressed, TFP pays particular attention to establishing a secure setting for therapy in the form of patient and therapist agreeing a contract at the start. Having completed the initial training in TFP I am currently working towards accreditation.

    Duration of therapy is once weekly for 1 to 2 years.
  • Integrative psychotherapy

    It is not unusual to find ourselves struggling to make sense of our lives and the place we find ourselves in, we can feel stuck and at a loss, not quite sure where to turn. At times we may feel that we are struggling to make sense of our problems, we feel anxious, depressed, low in mood and find it hard to tolerate and manage our feelings. Problems in life don’t always fit neatly into particular psychological models.

    This is where integrative psychotherapy can be helpful.

    Drawing on a range of theoretical orientations and evidence-based practices, I am able to utilise my clinical experience as a psychologist working across a wide range of mental health problems to tailor therapy to meet your individual needs.

    Formulation can be understood as a ‘working hypothesis’ which links psychological theories to individual problems and life experiences. I place an emphasis on developing a psychological formulation which will inform the treatment offered, which can help clients make sense of how their problems may have arisen and how they are being maintained.

  • Clinical Supervision

    Accredited CAT supervisor with Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (ACAT). British Psychological Society, Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors.

Fees and Location

The closest tube is Chancery Lane (Central line).

My consulting room is based in central London, with excellent access to public transport. The closest tube is Chancery Lane (Central line).

I offer once weekly individual therapy, sessions (50-minute sessions). 

Online sessions available via Zoom, contact me for further details.  

The fee for regular sessions is £90 - £110, depending on the time of the day (peak/off-peak slots). I offer 10% on a block booking of the first 6 therapy sessions when paid in advance. Session fees are payable by bank transfer, debit card or cash, either prior to or at the appointment (all major cards accepted).

Contact me to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation pre-meeting telephone / Zoom consultation of up to 15 minutes, to help you to decide whether the therapy I offer is appropriate for your needs.

Clinical supervision sessions in person or online via Zoom are charged at £80 per session. I am registered with the BPS as an applied psychology practice supervisor and I am an ACAT accredited clinical supervisor.

Why Choose Carl Taylor at PPS

Professional service by qualified and experienced clinician

Regulated by Health & Care Professionals Council

Accredited psychologist, and supervisor

Accredited CAT practitioner and supervisor

Accredited Practitioner of Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT)